Carbide Tools services the automotive industry, medical industry, heavy equipment, automotive and aerospace industry

Carbide Tooling Products

At Carbide Tools, we specialize in both solid carbide and carbide tipped cutting tools.  Made to order or standard, our tools are available in almost any geometry with coolant through capabilities and a variety of in-house coatings.

Using the latest computer technology to design and simulate special tooling, we manufacture customized tools that meet your unique needs.  Solid Works design software, MasterCam and ANCA 3D simulation software allow us to manufacture your specialized tool with exact precision.

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Innovative Engineering

custom carbide tool tool simulation

At Carbide Tools we employ the most talented designers and engineers to create custom tooling. From the design process to grinding, coating and inspection, our pride is in our precision. When you order from Carbide Tools, your tools are designed, manufactured, inspected and documented to meet your exact specifications. carbide tools made in the usa